Why Your Business Should be on TikTok

We all needed TikTok. It was the diversion that became a globalized escape from the reality of lockdowns and a pandemic. Content creators expand expanded their reach, the home-based entrepreneur sold out all of their inventory and it catapulted people like the remote teacher, chef, baker, makeup artist and more to become TikTok famous.

With a new platform comes new audiences eager to consume content; people that spend hours scrolling and new creators and brands vying for a few seconds of your attention. As a business owner, it's crucial to reach the right people - whether you're selling consumer goods, are a life coach, beauty salon/spa, or a financial expert. It's essential to expand your reach with thoughtfully, well-executed content that resonates with your audience.

Utilizing TikTok as a media marketing channel for your business allows your brand to harness the power of creativity and unique content to engage your target audience. It doesn't matter how big or small your brand is there is room for every size business. Here's why you should be running not walking to include TikTok in your marketing plan:

  1. You can reach audiences over 20 global regions.

  2. You can track ad performance in real-time. See who is engaging with your ads and content.

  3. Utilize specific niche hashtags and engage with users at the forefront of the hottest trends.

  4. Audiences on TikTok love authenticity, which allows you to share your unique brand story and journey.

  5. Master your storytelling skills by incorporating a beginning, a middle, and an end.

  6. You can teach your audience using a vlog, tutorial, step-by-step, or information format.

  7. Go LIVE on TikTok - share yourself at the moment and connect with your audience and followers in real-time. (To go live your have to be 16 years or older with a minimum of 1k followers).

  8. Analytics provide you with various metrics to measure how you're engaging with your viewers. Metrics include: Total play time, total views, average watch time, traffic source types like the for your page, audience territories and more. Reviewing these metrics helps you learn what your viewers find engaging and help plan out your content strategy.

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